IXAR has invested in an emerging technology in the field of NDT which is Computed Radiography, this technology enables the digital capture of an image by use of a re-usable imaging plate (IP) which is coated with a phosphor layer, and when exposed to radiation is able to store the resultant energy. The IP is then scanned using a laser scanner which results in the stored energy being released as ultraviolet light, the intensity related to the amount of radiation received, these light intensities are then read by a laser and a digital image is generated. This image is stored as raw data, which means that although the image can be enhanced to optimize the contrast, magnify and measure the component the initial image remains unchanged.

_Computed Radiography has many advantages over conventional radiography such as, no expensive film to purchase, no processing chemicals (more environmentally friendly), wider latitude to enable a greater thickness range to be captured on one exposure, sharing of images electronically and easier storage.