• oil & gas
    IXAR Group is the recognized and an eminent leader in delivering Products, Systems and Services to the Oil & Gas industry.
    IXAR provide an overall Mechanical Integrity program approach to your inspection needs using either Regulatory or Risk Based Methodologies.
    All of our Power Services are designed to increase productivity by leveraging our unique services approach with our manufacturing and research capabilities
    The comfort in knowing that we understand your direction and are capable of finding our way around a ship, submarine, vessel or structure. 
  • nuclear
    IXAR have been provided in support of nuclear construction, maintenance major component replacement projects.
    IXAR provides a comprehensive range of analysis techniques for product evaluation without causing any damage to the material.
    The continuous process fertiliser plant has a very crucial role to play in the present highly competitive scenario of Fertiliser industry.
    New development in the field of modern car manufacturing requires new or adapted non destructive inspection methods.